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Japanese Calligraphy
is known as shodo or the way of writing

The symbolic system of writing called Kanji was invented by the Chinese in the fourth century and it came to Japan via Korea. There are about 2000 Kanji Charactors for regular usage, but it is said that there are 50000 kanji in Japan.

Kaishotai Kaisho is very strict. Most Japanese children learn Kaisho style in elementary school which is called Kyouiku shodou (Education calligraphy) This form of kanjis used in everyday life.

Gyoushotai Gyousho (Semi-Cursive Script) Gyousho literally means "Going writing". It is a beautifully flowing style of writing just like dancing. The gyousho style can be read by all Japanese.

Sousho Sousho (Cursive Script) is an even more simplified style than gyousho. Sousho literally means Grass writing. Most people without special training can't read Sousho style.

Calligraphy Guidelines
  • There is a natural balance in both the characters and the composition as a whole

  • Straight lines are strong and clear

  • Curved lines are delicate and mobile

  • There is variance in thickness and thinness

  • The amount of ink on the brush, or lack of it, is consistent throughout

  • The size of the characters are of a scale which gives life to the work

  • There is a rhythm in the whole work