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   Silent movement

   Listen to my           calligraphy..


   Escape from
  your busy world,

sit and
  clear your mind.

How important
  the moment is.

Hiragana is a Japanese syllabary, one component of the Japanese writing system. The modern hiragana syllabary consists of 46 base characters grid If you remember all the hiragana, you will be able to read and write the names of things in the hiragana. For the first two classes, we will learn Hiragana あ line (あいうえお) and the words that use it. such as ( あい/love、いえ/house、うえ/on,over, あお/blue etc) then for the next 2 classes, we will learnかline(かきくけこ) such as (かき/oyster, Persimmon,あか/Red、きく/to listen, Chrysanthemum、けいこ/training etc) Let’s memorize as many Japanese words as possible J (If you learn hiragana on your own, be careful of the hiragana in the printed matter. (Books, letters on PCs, newspapers) They look a little bit different.


Please sign up now here : https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcsdeCgqT4rEtexyM2i0jeEdDcH4238rWwj

Saturday classes

                         Saturday          9:30 am - 11:00 am (EST)


                          $20 per class.

                                Payment: Paypal: michikostudio17@gmail.com or

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1/8 (Sat) Morning Calligraphy 314 

面壁九年 Men peki ku nen

Facing the wall nine years Bodhidharma did Sazen at Shaolin Monastery



1/15 (Sat) Morning Calligraphy 315

萬法一如 Bam po ichi nyo

The myriad charms are one. Everything is absolutely the same in its be-ing [is of the one thusness]



1/22 (Sat). Morning Calligraphy 316

騎牛求牛 ushi ni notte ushi o monomu 

Riding an ox looking for that ox. Not knowing that what you are seeking is at your own feet, search elsewhere.


1/29(Sat) Morning Calligraphy 317

虚空低頭 Kyo ku tei to

Vacant sky bowing its head

The hollow and futile make a bow The free and nondependent dynamic actions after enlightenment that go beyond common sense


Shodo in Japanese 
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Would you like to learn calligraphy in (simple) Japanese?

I believe that learning Japanese culture is helpful to speak Japanese.  People who are interested in speaking Japanese and learning Shodo, please join this NEW class :)

“Two birds with one stone” Isseki Nichou!  

If you have any questions,

please contact: michikostudio17@gmail.com

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIkdOCtpzIoHtQ0XVNgdvDqvBxykcPIRNLj

Tuesday Night Classes
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$50 for 2 classes

Drop in @30 





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All levels are welcome!

Contact: michikostudio17@gmail.com




Shodo for Beginners
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This is perfect for those who are interested in learning Shodo, but wondering how to get started !

Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcucOytqTsoGtX3gFv8IbLiTrDVVMOX5Z_a


Payment-  Paypal account: michikostudio17@gmail.com

          Venmo : @Michiko-Imai

Private Lesson are available

1 Hour for $60
90 mins for $80
2 Hours  for 100
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Do/Dou 道 (The Way)


Shodo 書道
(The way of Writing...)
There are a number of ways to research this subject.
For instance, one could find information in books,
the internet, on video and other forms of media.
And although this does help to better understand the subject, it is one thing to read about this subject, and another to be able to perform and practice it.
Understanding Shodo, is a lifelong learning journey.

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