Shodo zoom classes

Schedule  for #262 to #265 (6/18.19.25 and 26)

Friday   12;00-1:15 pm (EST)

Saturday 10:00 to 11:15 am (EST)


$20 per class.  

Payment: Paypal:   or

         Venmo :Michiko-Imai



6/18 (Fri) Morning Calligraphy 262

幽玄(Yugen) is  an important concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics.

“profound tranquility” “dim” “deep" or "mysterious"

粋(Iki) is a Japanese aesthetical concept

“Chic, stylish”



6/19 (Sat) Morning Calligraphy 263

動中静 (dochu no jo)

Trying to keep your mind calm even in busy days



6/25(Fri) Morning Calligraphy 264 

侘寂(wabi sabi)




6/26 (Sat) Morning Calligraphy 265

看脚下(kankyakka) Watch your each steps carefully to reach your destination.

 Silent movement
  Listen to my calligraphy...
Escape from
 your busy world,
sit and
  clear your mind.
 How important
  the moment is.


Hiragana Shodo lessons! 

Hiragana is a Japanese syllabary, one component of the Japanese writing system. The modern hiragana syllabary consists of 46 base characters grid If you remember all the hiragana, you will be able to read and write the names of things in the hiragana. For the first two classes, we will learn Hiragana あ line (あいうえお) and the words that use it. such as ( あい/love、いえ/house、うえ/on,over, あお/blue etc) then for the next 2 classes, we will learnかline(かきくけこ) such as (かき/oyster, Persimmon,あか/Red、きく/to listen, Chrysanthemum、けいこ/training etc) Let’s memorize as many Japanese words as possible :) 

When : Wednesdays from 1 :00 to 2:15 pm ( EST)

Price : $100  5classes in June and 30 (Price includes text fee, Non-refundable after receiving the text) Minimum number of participants 3

Payment: Paypal:

          Venmo: Michiko-imai

All levels are welcome!


Please sign up now here :

Do/Dou 道 (The Way)


Shodo 書道
(The way of Writing...)
There are a number of ways to research this subject.
For instance, one could find information in books,
the internet, on video and other forms of media.
And although this does help to better understand the subject, it is one thing to read about this subject, and another to be able to perform and practice it.
Understanding Shodo, is a lifelong learning journey.


Tuesday Night Classes (April)

7pm – 9pm (EST)



6/15 (Tue)  

​薔薇 (Rose)


6/29 (Tue)  




$50 for 2 classes

(Price includes text fee, Non-refundable after receiving the text)




 Venmo : Michiko-imai


All levels are welcome!




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