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Bushido: The Samurai Code of Japan: With an Extensive Introduction and Notes

by Alexander Bennett 
Mindfulness in Action:    Making Friends with Yourself through Meditation and Everyday Awareness                                                                                                         by Chogyam Trungpa
The Inner Heart of Reiki:
     Rediscovering Your True Self          
                            by Frans Stiene
Issintyu Textbook

By Jeffrey David Modell
Calligraphies inside of the books
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*Dernier ninja : Fujita Saiko : biographie du grand- maître ninja, soke du ninjutsu Koga-ryu(Le)
*Rencontres extraordinaires (French)
*Shugendo : Les mystérieux moines bouddhistes des montagnes
                                                     by  Sylvain Guintard

Calligraphy for Logo
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DOU Senjafuda RED w BLACK BG.tiff
DOU Senjafuda RED.tiff
-Premium Streetwear 
Calligraphy (兜)
Purva Mindfulness Center

Calligraphy (以心伝心)

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