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Silent movement

Listen to my calligraphy..


Escape from
 your busy world,

sit and
  clear your mind.

How important
  the moment is.
SHODO (the way of writing) for beginners
Introduction, demonstration, practice (月-moon) and Q and A session
November 13th (Saturday)
from 1:00 to 2:30 pm (EST) 

This is perfect for those who are interested in learning Shodo, but wondering how to get started !  
Paypal account:
Venmo :@Michiko-Imai
Shodo for bebinners
Shodo in Japanese 

Would you like to learn calligraphy in (simple) Japanese?

I believe that learning Japanese culture is helpful to speak Japanese.  People who are interested in speaking Japanese and learning Shodo, please join this NEW class :)

“Two birds with one stone” Isseki Nichou!  

If you have any questions,

please contact:


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Friday & Saturday classes

        Zoom Group lesson Schedule

Friday          12:00 pm -  1:15 pm (EST)

Saturday          9:30 am - 11:00 am (EST)


$20 per class.

Payment: Paypal: or

                Venmo :@Michiko-Imai


11/19(Fri) Morning Calligraphy 305 


Accept everything what happened to you. Do not give up.


11/20 (Sat) Morning Calligraphy 306


Don’t be deluded



11/26(Fri). Off zoom class

( But you can visit my Etsy shop or Website :D Happy black Friday)



11/27(Sat) Morning Calligraphy 307


Take it easy.

Tuesday Night Classes
Tuesday night template 11.jpeg


Tuesday Night Classes

$50 for 2 classes

Drop in @30 


All levels are welcome!




Private Lesson are available 
1 Hour for $60
90 mins for $80
2 Hours  for 100
Do/Dou 道 (The Way)


Shodo 書道
(The way of Writing...)
There are a number of ways to research this subject.
For instance, one could find information in books,
the internet, on video and other forms of media.
And although this does help to better understand the subject, it is one thing to read about this subject, and another to be able to perform and practice it.
Understanding Shodo, is a lifelong learning journey.

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